Join Us

Brentwood Legion Ambulance is always looking for new members, and we hope that you’ll join us in serving the local community.

It’s a great opportunity to give back to Brentwood and take pride in saving lives every day, knowing that you’re making this town a better and safer place.

We’re seeking candidates who want to help others in the neighborhood and are willing to dedicate a few hours of their time. No experience is necessary because we’ll train you for free.

The four positions we have available are:

Riding Member
Committee Member
Associate Member
Youth Squad

You can also directly contact our recruitment officer, Candice Raudies

Riding Member: A riding member is an essential part of the ambulance crew. He or she is the face of Brentwood Ambulance to our community in there time of need. A riding member can be a driver, New York State certified EMT-B, EMT-CC, or paramedic. No experience is necessary.

Associate Membership: For those who volunteer for other departments and only want to ride at Brentwood Ambulance as an EMT. Prior experience as an EMT-B, EMT-CC, or Paramedic is necessary.

Committee Member: Committee members operate behind the scenes of Brentwood Ambulance. These members insure that we keep operating 24/7 365 days a year. Some tasks include ordering medical supplies and maintaining radio, and medical equipment. No experience is necessary however, prior experience will be considered.

Youth Squad: Explorer post 325 is a co-ed youth program for ages 14-21. This program is affiliated with the Boy Scotts and sponsored by the Brentwood Ambulance. The Explorers are taught lifesaving skills and are given a fast track to membership once they are 18.